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            Brick Kiln
            » Brick Kiln

            The tunnel kiln is composed of of furnace body, traction system, rail, kiln-car, and firing system, hot air ventilation system, control system, etc. which has the merits as follows: low cost, small propeller, large load, arched furnace, security, convenient mainten...Click for details

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            [2008-04-09 ]

            Clay Brick Making Machine
            » Clay Brick Making Machine

            Clay brick making machine is our featuring product and we've been engaged in brick making machine exporting for many years. Each year, there are numbers of projects concerning our brick making machine finished around the world and our products have already enter reg...Click for details

            Search keyword: clay brick making machine   clay brick making machine

            [2009-05-16 ]

            Auxiliary equipment for brick making machine
            » Auxiliary equipment for brick making machine

            Auxiliary equipment for brick making machineBrick making machine has wide applications in various field.Theses type of Brick making machine inherits all the merits of the original model, enhanced by new technology. Compared with other Brick making machine, our Brick m...Click for details

            Search keyword: Auxiliary equipment for brick making machine

            [2005-05-16 ]
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