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            Egg Box Machine

            egg box machine, egg carton machine, egg box making machine[14-02-26 14:26:25]
            The egg box machine adopts the same working principle as that of egg tray machine, it uses all kinds of waste paper to produce high quality molded fibre box products. Such as, 4 eggs, 6 egggs, 8 eggs, 12 eggs, deattachable egg cartons, etc. It is a satisfyingly high return investment for the entrepreneurs or investors who wants a stable and consistent business of egg tray.
            A complete egg box machine line consists of Stock Preparation System Section , Egg carton Molding Section, Continuous Egg Box Drying Oven and Conveyor System, Egg Box Process Instrumentation, Instrument and Control Panels, Jobsite Installation Materials, Egg Box Machine Auxiliary Equipment, etc.
            Depending on local condtion, various fuel can be used as burning material, including coal, diesel, natural gas, biomass, wood, etc.
            To see more specific information about our egg box machine, pleased logon to our special website for egg tray machine: www.egg-tray-machine.cn
            CLIMA Egg tray machine

            All the data below are base on our 2880 egg box plant, 2880 pcs of egg box will be produced per hour.

            Project 2880 egg box production line
            Shaping machine type: Roller
            Raw material: recycled paper
            Fuel type: coal, natural gas, wood, biomass, diesel
            Capacity : 2880 pcs per hour . 66,000 per working day
            Production line consists of four main parts
            Pulp making system
            Egg box molding system (including one set of egg tray mould)
            Drying system(including control system)
            Gas burner

            Production line configuration

            Egg box pulping system

            In the normal egg box pulp molding process, the stock preparation system is very similar to a small paper mill. There is a hydraulic pulper that beats the waste paper to a uniform consistency with water to yield a 4% (solids) consistency pulp stock. To this mixture is added rosin sizing that usually forms about 1% of the solids content of the final pulp stock. This pulp is pumped into a storage chest. It is then pumped through a vibration screen, and a refiner to eliminate fibre bundles or lumps of unpulped paper and then it is dumped into a refined stock chest. The pulp slurry is pumped to the machine on demand from the machine control panel. White water is also added to the stock and is automatically metered with a concentration adjustment system.
            Equipments list
            Hydraulic pulpier
            Vibration screen
            Pulp pump
            Water pump
            Pulp milling machine
            Pulp pool impeller
            Pulp controller
            Paper scale
            Paper feeder

            Egg tray pulping system
            Egg tray pulping system

            Egg box molding system

            The Egg box Molding System consists of various equipments and dies.
            The wet forming section consists of a series of wire screen covered wet forming dies mounted on a molding drum, and a matching set of transfer dies mounted on a transfer mechanism.
            The egg box forming die is made up of rigid corrosive resistant metal or ABS engineering plastic and consists of many component parts that are drilled with small drainage holes and covered by pre-formed stainless steel screens.
            The forming die, mounted on the molding drum is rotated at a uniform speed, immersing it in a taper flow vat containing the pulp slurry of about 1% consistency of fibres in recycled water. A vacuum system attracts the fibres to deposit on the forming die screens as the suspending recycle water is drawn through the screen and drainage holes.
            Equipments list
            3 position shaping machine
            Shaping mould
            Mould washer
            Vacuum tank
            Vacuum pump
            Air compressor
            Air storage tank

            Egg tray molding system
            Egg tray molding system

            Egg box drying & conveying system

            The egg box conveyor carries those wet products through a drying oven where most of the balance of water content of the products is evaporated off by means of re-circulating hot air until the products have only 8% moisture left.
            The egg box drying section consists of a direct-fired natural gas (or oil) re-circulating air dryer with a pass conveyor carrying the wet products through the heated dryer tunnel. An endless chain conveyor system conveys them through in the dryer tunnel while re-circulated hot air is blown from the top through the layers. The dried egg tray are then discharged to an unloading conveyor where they are automatically stacked, counted.
            There are two model of drying tunnel: single layer tunnel, which costs less while occupies more space and consumes more energy; the multi-layer type which occupies less space while the cost is higher.
            Main structure frame
            Heat exchanger
            Moisture exhaust pipe
            Moisture exhaust chimney
            Air flux regulator
            Steel wire net
            Packaging machine

            Egg tray drying machine
            Egg tray drying system

            Feasibility analysis (Fluctuated according to currency and local price)

            General information:
            1. One working day produces 90000 pcs egg trays. Working hours per day is 22.5 hours.
            2. Average weight of each egg tray is 60 grams. Total 5400kg waste paper will be needed in one working day.
            3. Total 11000kg water will be evaporated per working day.
            4. Total 3200-3700KWH electric power will be consumed per working day.
            5. Total 4 workers will be needed for one working shifts: one for pulp making, two for finished egg tray collect and package, one for molding machine. Total 12 workers is needed for 3 work shifts.
            6. Workshop requirement: length 50meters, width 24meters, height 5-6meters.
            7. Drying time: 12 minutes from egg tray feeding side to egg tray receiveing end.
            8. Standard egg tray size: 310mm x 310mm
            Raw material cost( just for reference based on Chinese price)
            (Total consumption for production 47520 egg tray per working day)
            1. 5400kg wasted paper: usd100/ton. Total wasted paper cost: usd540
            2. 9600kg water: usd0.6/ton. Total water cost:usd5.8
            Production line consumption
            1. 3000 cubic meter natural gas will be consumed: usd0.2/m3. total natural gas cost: usd600.
            2. 3200KWH power will be consumed: usd0.05/kwh. Total power cost: usd160
            3. Labour cost: usd20 x 12=240
            Total raw material and production cost per working day is usd1485
            90000 egg tray will be produced in one working day
            Average cost for one egg tray is usd1485/90000=usd0.0165/pc
            Profit analysis
            Marketing wholesale price: usd0.033/pc
            Profit: usd0.0165/pc
            Output: 90000 egg tray per day
            Total Profit per day=usd0.0165/pc x 90000=usd1485
            Month profit: usd1485 x23=usd34155
            Year profit: usd34155x 12=usd409860

            After saling egg tray machine, if necessary, We will send one or two engineers to set up and commissioning of the egg box machine until it running in normal state. Druing the time your workers who will operate the egg box machine will be trained.
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