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            Leather Processing Machine

            Leather Processing Machine[10-11-19 16:39:38]


            Introduction of Leather Processing Machine
            Our Leather Processing Machine is designed by computer-assistant engineering and high technology. The Leather Processing Machine has proven high efficiency, low maintenance and energy-saving during years of practice. The company is engaged in leather processing machinery development, production, sales and service.

            The product is new generation leather processing machinery based on advanced international technology and many overseas product analysis with optimizing design and high level in domestic market.
            Products Information of Leather Processing Machine
            This machine with a new design and up-to-date characteristics is developed on the basis of our long-time experience combined with the international advanced technology. The machine is especially suitable for fleshing whole hides

            Feed-Through Hydraulic Samming Machine
            FEED-THROUGH HYDRAULIC SAMMING MACHINE, with a new design and up-to-date characteristics is developed on the basis of our long-time experience combined with the international advanced technology. This machine is considered one of the most efficient machines for samming bull hides before spliting in the tanning field.

            Combined samming and setting-out Machine
            COMBINED SAMMING AND SETTING-OUT MACHINE is mainly suitable for the big wet leather of whole bull and horse hides, it is used for samming and setting-out procedure before vacuum drying and toggled drying. After samming and setting-out, the moisture content of the wet leather can be reduced, thus can save energy sources in drying, so as to flatten and set-out hides effectively.

            Vacuum Dryers
            Vacuum dryer with oil circulation and low temperature is an other high efficiency machine which is our company cooperating production with Italian famous company. This machine avoids the abuse in the traditional machine hurting leather quality, and shorts drying time substantially, can keep leather quality further.
            Rotary Toggling Dryer Machine
            This machine is a large and high efficient amchine for drying and shaping leathers ,its structure is novelty and its technical performance can reach overseas level of the same kind product, it is perfect machine instead of import.
            The machine is suitable for gogling drying the dry and wet leather of cow, pig and sheep etc. it can carry out automatic controlling the temperature and humidity of different regions on hides according to the requirement of leather processing technics. it can ensure in effect stretching the hair pores of hides evenly, leveing up , hand feeling well and invreasing the gain of leather more than 6% after the hides are dred and shaped. soas to raise greatly the grade of finished leather and economic benefit.
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