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            Home >> Machinery >> Environment Engineering & Recycling Equipments >> Plastic Recycling Machine >> List

            Plastic Recycling Machine
            » Plastic Recycling Machine

            Plastic recycling machine has been widely used in plastic recycling industry. Plastic recycling machine can be used in granulation of discarded thermoplastic, plastic film, polyvinyl chloride, waste chemical fibers, waste polypropylene and other thermoplastic, w...Click for details

            Search keyword: Plastic recycling machine   plastic granulation machine   plastic recycling production line   plastic recycling filter   crusher   washer

            [2009-04-02 ]

            PET Bottle Recycling Machine
            » PET Bottle Recycling Machine

            PET Bottle Recycling Machine The PET Bottle Recycling Machine is designed to wash and clean the recycled PET bottles, such as the mineral water bottles, pesi bottles, oil bottles, etc. The clean recycled PET bottle flakes processed by PET bottle proce...Click for details

            Search keyword: PET bottle recycling machine

            [2009-04-13 ]

            LDPE film Recycling Machine
            » LDPE film Recycling Machine

            This LPPE film, or LDPE garbage bag recycling machine is suitable for recycling, regenerating and granulating of waste LDPE plastics film and garbage bag. The recycling production line is equipped with quick motor-operated filter-screen-replacing unit and au...Click for details

            Search keyword: plastic film recycling machine

            [2009-04-04 ]
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