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            Home >> Machinery >> Road And Railway Vehicles >> List

            Folding gooseneck low bed trailer
            » Folding gooseneck low bed trailer

            The folding gooseneck low bed trailer is specially designed for heavy duty vehicle loading & unloading. The hydraulic cylinders enable the lowboy gooseneck to sleep on the ground for heavy vehicle to drive on and drive off. It's a very useful transport unit in military force, airport serv...Click for details

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            [2014-04-02 ]

            Hopper Railway Wagon
            » Hopper Railway Wagon

            Hopper wagon is a type of railway freight car used to transport loose bulk commodities such as coal , ore , grain , track ballast , and the like. Covered hopper wagons are used for cargo that must be protected from the elements (chiefly rain) such as grain, sugar, and fertilizer. Open hop...Click for details

            Search keyword: hopper railway wagon   hopper train wagon   hopper wagon for sale   China hopper railway wagon

            [2009-04-01 ]

            Flatbed wagon
            » Flatbed wagon

            Flat wagon is a piece of railroad rolling stock that consists of an open, flat deck on four or six wheels or a pair of trucks (US) or bogies (UK). The deck of the flat wagon can be wood or steel , and the sides of the deck can include pockets for stakes or tie-down points to secure loads. Fla...Click for details

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            [2009-04-01 ]

            Tank Railway Wagon
            » Tank Railway Wagon

            The tank wagon is a piece of railroad rolling stock designed to carry liquefied loads, petroleum products, liquid chemicals and gases . Many variants exist in tank wagons due to the wide variety of liquids and gases that can be transported. Tank wagon can be insulated or non-insulate...Click for details

            Search keyword: Tank railway wagon   tank wagon   China tank wagon for sale   tank railway wagon exporting

            [2009-04-01 ]

            Open-top Railway Wagon
            » Open-top Railway Wagon

            In railroad terminology , open-top wagon (gondola) is an open-top type of rolling stock that is used for carrying loose bulk materials. Because of its low side walls, open-top wagons (gondola) are used to carry either very dense material, such as steel plates or coils, or bulky items suc...Click for details

            Search keyword: railway wagon   open-top railway wagon   China open top wagon   gondola

            [2009-04-01 ]

            Sewage Vacuum Tanker Trailer
            » Sewage Vacuum Tanker Trailer

            Sewage Vacuum Tanker Trailer Featuring YHD9400GXM Sewage ...Click for details

            Search keyword: Sewage Vacuum Tanker Trailer   sewage vacuum tanker semi-trailer   China sewage vacuum tanker trailer for sale

            [2009-03-30 ]

            Tank Trailer
            » Tank Trailer

            CLIMA Tank Trailer Features of the Tank Trailer ...Click for details

            Search keyword: Tank trailer   tank semi-trailer   China tank trailer   tank semi-trailer for sale

            [2009-03-30 ]

            Dump Trailer
            » Dump Trailer

            CLIMA Dump Trailer Featuring BJQ9500Z Dump Trailer ...Click for details

            Search keyword: Dump trailer   dumper trailer   dump semi-trailer   China dump trailer for sale

            [2009-03-30 ]

            Flatbed Trailer
            » Flatbed Trailer

            CLIMA Bulk Cement Trailer Featuring BJQ9263-C-30T Flatbed trailer The flatbed trailer ...Click for details

            Search keyword: Flatbed trailer   flatbed semi-trailer   China flatbed semi-trailer   flatbed trailer for sale

            [2009-03-30 ]

            Bulk Cement Trailer
            » Bulk Cement Trailer

            CLIMA Bulk Cement Trailer Featureing BJQ9380GFL Bulk Cement Trailer The bulk cement...Click for details

            Search keyword: Bulk Cement Trailer

            [2009-01-21 ]
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