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            Folding gooseneck low bed trailer

            Folding gooseneck lowboy, folding gooseneck low bed trailer[14-04-02 15:42:12]

            The folding gooseneck low bed trailer is specially designed for heavy duty vehicle loading & unloading. The hydraulic cylinders enable the lowboy gooseneck to sleep on the ground for heavy vehicle to drive on and drive off. It's a very useful transport unit in military force, airport service and construction site. According to customers' requirement, functions of width & length extension, winch, separate engine, etc are also optional.

            Featuing container side loader

            Heavy duty payload, 50~80T
            4 hydraulic cylinder for gooseneck folding. Separate engine.
            With extension, length extension.
            Low ground clearance.
            Key parts of the folding gooseneck low bed trailer have been equipped with high quality fitting purchased from those famous brands both at home and aboard.
            folding gooseneck low bed trailer
            Name 3 axle folding gooseneck low bed trailer
            Model BJQ9720DTP
            Overall dimension 16000*3000*1500mm
            Rated load capacity 70T
            Weight 20T
            Axle 23T*3
            Hydraulic engine Separate gasoline engine (Prime mover takeover optional)
            Hydraulic cylinder 4 cylinder
            Low deck extension 8m before extension, 13m after extension
            Low deck width extension 3m before extension, 3.8m after extension
            Tyre 12R24 13 pcs
            Winch 5T winch for broken vehicle.
            Kingpin 50#
            Landing gear 30T
            Electrical system 24V, 7 pin socket
            Tool box 1 set
            Surface process sandblasted
            Painting Base coating+surface painting

            container side loader

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