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            Home >> Machinery >> Food Processing Machinery >> Water Bottling Machine >> List

            Bottle Blowing Machine
            » Bottle Blowing Machine

            Our bottle blow machine is suitable for processing PET plastic bottles or glass bottle from 10-2000ml. It is widely used to produce the carbonated bottle, mineral water pesticide bottle oil bottle cosmetics, wide-mouth bottle and hot fill...Click for details

            Search keyword: Bottle Bottle blowing machine   PET bottle blowing machine   Plastic bottle blowing machine   Glass bottle blowing machine   Carbonated bottle blowing machine

            [2008-12-07 ]

            Blow Moulding Machine
            » Blow Moulding Machine

            Our blow moulding machine is specially designed for the production of buckets, bottles, tanks, containers and other containing tanks. The capability can be adjusted as well as the raw material. The whole mouldi...Click for details

            Search keyword: Blow Moulding Machine

            [2008-12-25 ]

            Water bottling machine
            » Water bottling machine

            The water bottling machine is the key sector of the beverage industry. Our bottling machinery is comprised of water pump, transmission system, multi-media filter, active carbon filter, O3 generator, ozone sterilizer and other equipments. It's an ideal choice for the ent...Click for details

            Search keyword: water bottling machine   bottle filling machine   bottle labeling machine

            [2008-12-03 ]

            Bottle Inspector
            » Bottle Inspector

            CLIMA empty bottle inspection systems offers superior inspection and detection of damage, flaws, foreign bodies, and residual liquid. The all s...Click for details

            Search keyword: Bottle Inspector

            [2008-12-04 ]

            Bottle Labeling Machine
            » Bottle Labeling Machine

            Proposal for bottle labeling machine The bottle labeling machine is designed by advanced technology; the type of bottle labeling machine has been reached the advanced level as Europe. the bottle labeling machine is controlled by computer system. Operation is ...Click for details

            Search keyword: Bottle Labeling Machine

            [2009-01-10 ]
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