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            Home >> Machinery >> Construction Materials & Equipments >> Welded steel wire >> List

            Truss girder welding machines
            » Truss girder welding machines

            Layout plan 1).Line wire pay-off 5sets pay-offs for line wire Max. Carrying capacity 1,500Kg for each set. 2).Line wire straightening unit 5sets straightening units for line wire. Each set can be controlled separately. Emergency...Click for details

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            [2007-06-06 ]


            Working parametersWire diameterØ5 - Ø12 coil and cold rolling ribbed wireØ5 - Ø12 hot rolled rebarCutting length6m(also can be defined by customers)SpeedHigh speed 130m/minMedium speed 100m/min ...Click for details

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            [2007-06-06 ]

            Welded steel wire fabric for concrete reinforcement
            » Welded steel wire fabric for concrete reinforcement

            Thewholelineforproducingfencingmesh(wirediameterfromØ3.5mmtoØ12mm)iscomposedandintegratedbythefollowingplants: SJ-3200FENCINGMESHWELDINGMACHINE LayoutplanLinewirepay-off32setspay-offsforlinewire. Max.Carryingcapacity1,000Kgforeachset. Linewirest...Click for details

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            [2008-04-09 ]
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